Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jönköping arrival...I'm here, now what?

Picking up from getting to the bus/train station in my last post. Don't worry, there's only one station in Jönköping.
You can ask inside the station either at the Tourist Info or any employee how to get to the University, but it's actually really close and easy. I'll draw a small map below and describe here in words how to get there.  Assuming you arrive at the bus station during opening hours walk around and find the Pressbyrån. Next to it you'll find and take the escalators up. You'll go through a "tunnel" with different offices like the bus office (Länstrafiken) and just walk out to the street. You'll see to your right many bus stops (this is the main city center bus stop - Juneporten). You'll want to walk to the left (right as we see it on the map below) until you reach the street Kyrkogatan (gatan means street in Swedish) and you'll want to turn right onto this street. You'll see a park on that corner before turning right. Then you'll walk straight as you can see on the map and directly reach the university. It's pretty much that easy.

You'll see a Studenthus (student union) a brick building on the left and a sort of brick/red color building on the right this is the library. Further left is the yellow engineering building, and straight is the white round business school. Below to the left of it will be the Caretaker's Office and Accommodation office.
If you're arriving during a pick-up weekend then this is all pretty much meaningless for you, because you'll get picked up, shown around, taken everywhere even to your housing. If not then keep reading.

It's important to know beforehand that if in the case you do not arrive during pick-up weekend (like myself) the accommodation office is only open from 2-4pm so try to plan on getting there before on the day you arrive so you won't have to stay some nights at a hostel.

You'll also of course have to register on the school computer system and get a student card, but all this you'll arrange and here about through your international student coordinator from Jönköping.

If you have to find your own way around to your housing I would try to ask some other students you'll find or the coordinate. I could tell you, but it's not practical for me to write about how to get to each one of the different locations.

Hope you like your new home!

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